Triggered wins Audience Award for Realism at Mental Filmness

Posted on their Facebook, Mental Filmness says: “

Realism Award – Triggered

A short animated film based on a compilation of interviews with women who live with post-traumatic stress disorder, Triggered is unfortunately made up very much of real-life stories. However, director Jessica Mathis (aka Divinity Rose) edits and structures every story so it ends on a hopeful note. Each participant in the film describes the trauma they’ve experienced, the triggers that recall it, and how they’ve found healing and healthy coping mechanisms. The animation and an ambient score help buffer some of the darker and more intense narratives. In fact, Jessica said in our interview that she meant for the film to be a cathartic healing process for the women who told their stories as well as for those listening who had shared similar experiences. Knowing that you can survive traumatic situations, recognize that you have PTSD and its triggers, and begin a process of recovery speaks to the incredible power and resiliency of the human mind at work.”

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